It’s the company you keep… Enzoani

With so many suppliers and companies to choose from within the bridal industry.  I thought I would share with you our reasons for choosing our suppliers and their background…. So each week I will share with you our suppliers and why we have them!

Up first…… Enzoani and Blue by Enzoani.


To explain my reasons for taking this company on I need to take you back to a Sunday afternoon, in early 2009. After a day at the wholesale bridal fair, I was on the look out for a new designer. Nearly 6 months into my business I felt I needed a new collection that had a modern twist, with fantastic structure, quality and support for a confidence bereft fledgling in the industry!

Last on my long list of designers, who had all been crossed off, I walked into the room where Blue and Enzoani were being displayed. I got a bit excited. I asked if there was anyone in my area stocking these dresses, the answer was “No”. I could have them if I wanted them. I got a bit excited.

So I started to look through the dresses. I got a bit excited. They then suggested I sit down, go through the dresses and have a look at them on their models. I was offered coffee and mini eggs, MINI EGGS!!! My absolute favourite. I started to get very excited.

Then I nearly fell off the floor as “Eva” walked out, then “Emily”, then another and another and another. With the whole bowl of mini eggs divulged I was a wreck! My head was spinning, not only had I found them, I’d found two collections! Both of them were perfect, but I was about to blow my sample budget in a big way, a huge way! Could I do it?, was it a risk?

My trusted friend who also owns a bridal shop, Claire from Claire Louise Brides in Bolton. Came along for a second viewing. She loved them but urged me to just take one collection first and then the second in the future. She loved them so much she even enquired for herself!

So it was decided I was to become Sheffield’s stockist for Blue by Enzoani, the safer option for my young business. The only reason they were safer, was that the price point was a bit lower. But I still hankered after those laces and necklines of Enzoani. I was so, so excited and two months later they were in the shop and being received well. I’d filled my gap!!

Now being one of the Elite stockists I feel part of their company as much as a customer, chatting to the girls in the office and sharing stories and gossip as well as enjoying special dinner awards on their tables and loving it when our rep, the lovely Suzanne, just calls for a  catch up.

The rest they say is history as we now also have Enzoani and we love them, we must say they’ve never dissapointed and have helped us out so many times. With rush orders for brides needing a dress immediately to loaning out dresses so a bride can try on another style that they love.

But I can’t talk about Enzoani without also mentioning it’s directors Jeanette and Mark.


Jeanette, literally held my hand throughout my first encounter with them and helped me choose the styles. She and her husband Mark, make this company what it is, full of principles and focusing on the benefits of its stockists.  I ‘ know where I would have been without them, I just love Jeanette, she’s bubbly, insanely committed to the brand, her family and the colour purple!

Dresses are launched yearly at an extravagant event held in LA during June, its three days of utter decadence and spoils for stockists from around the world. It’s invitation only for the top stockists from Europe. We’ve been invited twice now, but sadly we’ve been and are too busy to go.  So from August this year we will be planning our schedule to make sure we WILL be attending the 2014 event!

The Enzoani brand for us represents, quality, structure and diversity. We have so many favourites, so we can’t name them all, but these are a few that represent the type of styles Enzoani and Bue by Enzoani carry.

Up first is Calistoga. I adore this dress because its modern, incredibly flattering and a gorgeous colour.


Next is Dakota, no underskirts needed with this stunning dress, as with all the dresses unless you want to, they don’t need a underskirt to keep their shape. They are so well corserted you don’t need to spend money on corsets or bras either.


Dabra, a very girly dress with stunning tulle and beautiful lace, a breathtaking style, that needs a bit of room to show her off  though!! Unless we take some of the layers out!


Heli, a two in one dress! Yep two dresses, a layer of tulle with appliqued lace over a beautiful vintage lace fitted dress. Just stunning and a winner with us.


Being an Elite stockist of both brands means we have a large amount of dresses from both designers and can always loan out a dress we don’t have too.

We think it’s very important to be passionate about the things you sell, after all they are what makes our job and the business work. To have passionate suppliers who care about you and your shop. Who are keen to always improve and develop its brand is refreshing, reassuring and sadly getting rarer in this current climate. Enzoani are without a doubt one of the best companies I have had the pleasure working with. So long may the relationship with them continue.

So here’s to wonderful dresses, a wonderful Enzoani team and some wonderful Enzoani brides for 2013. I am and always will be excited!!

Em x

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2 thoughts on “It’s the company you keep… Enzoani

  1. Beautiful designs and excellent service – get in touch if you want an accessory company that has the same philosophy.
    Well done to you for promoting this!

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