My secret designer dress obsession.

If you ask any wedding obsessed, ok, wedding dress obsessed person they will be able to tell you who their favourite wedding dress designer is.

I, on the other hand, cannot, I have too many. I do have however, have a dream dress designer list. I love all of our designers at the shop and if I had my way would pack so many more into the shop I don’t think there would be space to move. So my chosen designers are there for a reason, because they are flippin’ fantastic.

Then there are the designers that are on the list. These dresses live in my imaginary shop that have rails and rails of space. Carefully hung beauties, each individually lit and perfectly spaced.

Macy's in America has the space I crave!

Macy’s in America has the space I crave!


As I crash back down to earth with the reality that is our “cosy” little shop. It always is a difficult decision how much to stock and who to have to show our brides. But a girl can always keep dreaming.

Every year when we go buying, for next seasons collections, I do the same thing with my list of “dream designers”. I go and stand and stare at them. I touch them, swoon over them and imagine what it would be like to have them. Have them all, dress my brides up (ok myself up) in them all day in the shop.

Dreams don’t always become reality. But as I was swishing and swooning in one “dream dress” stand. A lovely, lady approached Laura and I and asked about us. As we said where we were from, Ingrid’s (the lovely lady’s) eyes lit up and said she knew us! Loved our shop and was VERY interested in talking to us about stocking their dresses. 

Now we have always talked about bringing a “dream designer” into the shop. But have always been wary about taking the plunge.

So between us and the lovely lady, Ingrid, we have come up with a cunning plan. To bring the dream dresses to Yorkshire, for the first time ever, may I add!

For two weeks we will have these amazing, not just amazing, to die for designs for you romantic at heart, whimsical girls who love the idea of  and swishing in your wedding dress.

How can you not swish in a dress like this?!

How can you not swish in a dress like this?!

From 22nd June until 6th July we have the amazing, the wonderful, the classically beautiful dresses by Naomi Neoh.thCA8RYU4K

For the next couple of weeks I will post, often, I promise, about these dresses. Tell you more about the designer and the selection they are sending us.

So I think one of my dream dress designer has become a reality and is coming to Emily Bridalwear. Now to go and pinch myself and update the list!

If you cant wait for our next installment about the Naomi Neoh dresses, take a look at her website;

If you would like to book an appointment or if you would like to know which dresses are coming and cant wait for our next post please contact us:


Seeking the unknown….

Here at Emily Bridalwear our aim is no different to every other bridal shop in Sheffield or further afield.

We are here to make sure a bride finds her ideal wedding dress.

We spend our bridal shop life trying to help someone find what it is that makes them feel……..Special?

Or is it more than that?

A dress can’t just make someone feel special, it needs to fit a theme, a look, a trend, an idea of many dresses in one. It needs to flatter, to fit the venue, to be in the right price bracket. To not look like “Sarah’s”, who has already chosen her dress and gets married a month before you.

So with all these factors in play, a tick-list the size of your arm, before we’ve even started on styles, how can it also make you feel special?.Enzoani-stockist

The truth is we dont know, we use your checklist to help you find it. A pragmatic list of non emotional things with the caveat that they all must  point towards this magnificent item of clothing. This magical dress that will make you gasp with delight and admiration at the image of yourself in it!

It’s that unknown feeling, many with experience of it,  will sigh and then say, “you just know” as they dreamily reminisce about their first encounter with ‘the one’!

Those comments can leave you often feeling bereft and more concerned that you might not get that moment.

Now I am going to let you into a little secret here, I didnt have that moment. Never did, and although sad at that, I understood that I am not one of the lucky ones who just “knew”!.

Instead I worked out it was the one, because I felt, me. I didnt feel amazing in it, my hair wasnt done, I hadnt slept well the night before, so looked tired. Half my back and knickers were on show because it was too small for me, so I knew I wasnt looking my best.


I knew I  would feel comfortable, tick. Fitted my theme, tick. Fitted the venue, tick. Was in budget, tick. Was different,tick.

Tick, tick, tick.  But no marching band, firework feelings or loads of tears. Rather a sense of calmness, mild excitement and relief. I had found a dress I liked, would  (with alot of slap and hairspary) look good in and worked with everything else I wanted.

Now I am a pragmatist at heart, so this is why that worked for  me. Don’t get me wrong if I had that feeling I probably would have gushed at every other bride and shrieked at the joy of others describing their “one” moments.

I find brides who find their dresses, very moving, and I am often reduced to tears due to the emotion of the moment. Those times are very, very special, but they arent what makes your dress yours.

Your dress is yours because it fits with how you want to feel, a very personal reason, but it could be as simple as being comfortable.

So for brides who have found their one, and get that feeling, lucky you.

The expectation placed upon choosing the right one, can actually take away that feeling. Magazines can create a strange image of how it should be.

So if you can, take the pressure off, cancel the big brass band, reduce your magazine intake, cut the amount of people you are taking with you. Reduce the expectations.

You may then find yourself able to hear what you really feel and what you really want. You may find you get your little moment you’ve always wanted.

As I am writing this post, a bride, Jessica,  has just listed almost 20 reasons what she really likes about the dress she is wearing. Her final comment was “There is just something about it”.

In a determined voice she has announced “I’ve decided this is the dress”. It  resulted in a cheer and a sweep of emotional laughter and whooping. She just found her version of that feeling. There is no tears or brass band, instead a very happy and very, very excited bride.

Lucky Jessica.

So let us know what your feeling was and how you knew ……. what was your lucky moment.

Em x